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Airbrush Easy Painting System

The product that I would like to show consists of a new way of paints commercialisation and use  for various types of application: from solvent enamels to water-based paints, from anti-rust to wood impregnating agents.   

This product is suitable for all types of uses, whether the end user enjoy d.i.y. or working in a professional painting capacity.

The system intends to combine the practical use of spray paints but with the quality and low cost of painting with a professional airbrush.

Plug and Paint

The state of the art

D.i.y.  jobs and all those similar painting jobs are normally done using the classic roller or a brush tool and for some very small jobs spray cans can be used. Spray painting provides excellent for coverage on very small areas but is not ideal for coving larger areas given the higher costs and the lower quality.

The use of compressed air spray guns, on the other hand, is restricted to a limited audience of experienced users. In-fact the use of paints and thinners requires some basic knowledge of paint chemistry, which not everyone possess.

Moreover, the use of the spray gun is not always convenient, especially for small jobs: in fact, the use of spray guns involves a long preparation procedure, ability to use the correct dosage of the necessary quantity of paint, knowledge in the selection of specific thinner and mixing of these in the right percentages.

Finally, once the work is completed, it is necessary to carry out a thorough cleaning of the spray gun and in particular the paint container, which is very time consuming and not very eco-friendly given the waste of paint and consumption of diluent for cleaning.

Plug and Paint

The idea

The objective of this system is to provide a product immediately ready for use, that is a varnish already mixed with its specific thinner in the right proportions, in ready cartridges easy to use. This makes such a product suitable for a wide range of uses and users

One of the most important peculiarities of the cartridge system will be the fact that once the work is complete, the non-depleted cartridges can be stored for long periods, as happens with spray cans or with normal paint cans. Once detached from the coupling ring, the valves will guarantee the perfect closure of the cartridge and the preservation of the product for subsequent uses.

The easy of insertion and use of the cartridges will therefore make it possible to use the airbrush also for small jobs and above all, by inexperienced users.

Plug and Paint

The prototype

This new system essentially consists of a  not-pressurized cartridge made of tinplate, aluminum, plastic, or even tetra-pack.

This cartridge can be used with the common airbrushes already on the market, equipped with a special coupling ring.

The use of this technique will provide the ease of use of a spray can and the quality of a professional airbrush applicable to both small objects and larger surfaces.

Plug and Paint

How it work

The cartridge is a cylindrical container with a rounded end with a capacity of about 300/400 ml; at the top of the rounded part there is a male threaded coupling that will be screwed onto the special female threaded connection ring, inserted on the airbrush.

On the top of the threaded part there is the double valve attachment system, and a guide notch for the correct insertion of the cartridge in the appropriate attachment ring nut, depending on whether it is used in an airbrush with a lower tank or in a tank airbrush higher

The shut-off valves consist of a steel ball retained by a spring, which is in turn contained in a plastic support: the task of these valves is to keep the product inside, not in contact with the external environment, and, of course, prevent it from escaping.

One of these valves will have a direct access inside the cartridge, while the other will be equipped with a small tube, also made of plastic material, which will reach the bottom of the cartridge opposite the threaded ring nut. 

The opening of the valves will be activated by the respective male spouts on the gun attachment ring nut

In the spray gun with the cartridge in the upper side, the specific coupling ring will allow the insertion of the cartridge so that the flow of paint in the gun occurs naturally through the direct valve, while from the other valve equipped with a tube will enter the air for compensating the decompression due to the flow of the sprayed paint.

In the spray guns with cartridge insertion in the lower side, instead, the specific coupling ring nut will allow the withdrawal of the liquid through the valve equipped with a small tube, then from the bottom of the cartridge sucked by the Venturi effect (as happens in the hanging glass spray guns), while, in this case, the direct valve will allow the access to the compensation air.

Inside the cartridges, as in common spray cans, a metal or glass sphere will allow the paint to be mixed by a simple shake.

Once the job is complete, the airbrush can be cleaned easily as it is only required for the nozzle of the airbrush and can be done by just inserting a cartridge of solvent similar to the previous cartridge and spraying for a few seconds until the solvent dispensed looks clean.

The cartridges could also be sold empty, with the upper part open, while the pressure-type closure caps similar to those of normal paint cans, would be equipped with the valve group and sold empty, so that they can be used by colorists equipped of tintometers for the sale of paints on request.

Plug and Paint

The patent also provides for a concentric valve solution not showed on this page 

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This system is protected by:
Italian patent No. 102018000003785
International patent P.C.T. No. w / 2019/180559